An NYC-based, full-stack web developer, with experience using JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Golang.

I discovered my passion for coding in college, where I studied Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science. My research involved scripting tasks which optimized digital simulations of molecules, to be performed by a high-performance cluster. After attending App Academy , a 1000-hour full-stack development course, I learned that I love building apps from scratch.

Currently I work as a professional software engineer, and have worked on multiple teams focusing on both front-end and back-end technologies. As a senior engineer on a front-end team, I have taken responsibility for an entire product, and the work of several junior engineers. Working on the back-end, I've learned much about optimizing performance at scale, and service-oriented architecture.



The arcade classic on the web!

Built using only object-oriented JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas, it's Pac-Man! With retro audio, simple directional controls, and four familiar ghost enemies, Pac-Man has never looked so...exactly the same!

Individual JavaScript classes abstract characters into HTML5 Canvas drawings, and contain unique prototype functions that govern their behaviors.

A custom function dynamically generates the maze from a series of JavaScript objects, each containing directions for drawing a separate barrier or boundary.

Character prototype functions queue familiar music and sound effects when appropriate, completing the classic experience.

Play    Pac-Man on GitHub


A single-page web app, inspired by Medium

Nformd uses Ruby on Rails with a PostgreSQL database to govern the backend. On the frontend, I used JavaScript with React and Flux to maintain a unidirectional flow of data and provide instantaneous user feedback.

Custom-built front and backend authentication workflows salt and hash user passwords for secure storage.

The Draft.js API implements a rich text editor configured to parse content as raw JavaScript for persistent storage.

AWS S3 allows for efficient uploads of custom user profile pictures.

Nformd on GitHub


A lighter-weight implementation of the most important jQuery functionality, using the native DOM API

pQuery is a JavaScript library that simplifies interactions with the DOM by abstracting elements into pQuery Objects. The pQuery Object class comes with useful prototype methods, which allow users to manipulate the DOM more easily than with vanilla JavaScript alone.

The public API is a series of useful helper methods that manipulate the DOM elements abstracted into pQuery objects by the core function.

pQuery on GitHub

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